Crimson Editor Gets Posh

Or Posh Goes Crimson?

I've just uploaded PowerShell syntax files for Crimson Editor which you can download here.

UPDATE: You can also use my new online syntax highlighter to generate highlighted Powershell snippets for posting to your blog or website.
See here for details.


Peter {faa780ce-0f0a-4c28-81d2-3667b71287fd} said…
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Thanks! I'm using this presently! PS--links 1 and 2 did not, in fact, work. (link 2 pointed directly to Anyway, thanks!
Si said…
Hi Peter,

Yes the first link (supposed to be to the Crimson Editor syntax file forum) is definitely broken. Thanks for pointing it out. The second one is to the Crimson Editor home page and although it's not broken, doesn't make a lot of sense.

I hope you find it useful :)
John said…
Thank you very much.

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