Posh Spice

PowerShell needs a shiny nick name. Scott Hanselman's "mush" worked while it was still called Msh / Monad but some, like Darren Gosbell, have reservations.

There are all kinds of reasons why PowerShell needs a nick name, not least of which is that all the brightest young things in Shell Town (okay, some of them not so young) have short mnemonic names.

We need a P word. "push" (psh) is an obvious contender but we should resist the apparently carefree allure of "pish" and the brevity of the naked "psh"; all we would need is for some wily Slashdotter to append a scathing ", whatever" and all is lost.

No, I'm rooting for Posh.

Y'know, I have a feeling that, should anyone ever read this blog, this is the one thing that might come back to haunt me.


Simon Harriyott said…
>> should anyone ever read this blog

I'm reading it!
Si said…
God bless you.

I'd return the favour, but your mysteriously entitled Error 404 blog appears not to allow comments.
Simon Harriyott said…
My blog is at harriyott.com, but your comments used my blogger account - I didn't have the option to enter my URL.

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