First Flight

I've been experimenting with Microsoft's game programming framework, XNA. It didn't really kick off until I found the free physics library, JigLibX.

JigLibX is brilliant and makes a lot of very difficult things very easy.  I still need to get my head around 3D matrices, though, before some things will make any sense.

Here is where I am so far, though.  The first seven seconds are pre-flight checks, BTW.

It's like Orville Wright and Igor Sikorsky were right here in the room, isn't it?

Next steps:-
  1. Implement a chase view so it's easier to control.  Control inputs are a bit ham-fisted at the moment and the current IdiotWithAHandyCam viewpoint makes it tricky to tweak.
  2. Animate the rotor.
  3. Write the rest of the game.  (It will be like Defender, but in 3D, with flocking, stampeding critters and mutants for Jonny.)
  4. Bung it on XBox Live.
  5. Wait for the cheques from Microsoft to give the postman a hernia.
I knocked the chopper model up in Wings3D.  If you're interested, here's a shot of it in Wing3D with its wires on:-

If you're not interested, here's two more:-


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