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I hate blogs without feeds. Whenever I run across a blog or blog-style site that I like, the first thing I do is hit the little orange icon to subscribe in Google Reader. I quite often unsubscribe very shortly thereafter, but that's another story. If a site doesn't have a feed, as a rule, I rarely return.

As with all good rules, though, there are the odd exceptions and one very odd exception is

If you have spent any time playing the Grand Theft Auto series of games (I am clinically addicted to the PS2 versions) then you might know Lazlow from a number of the in-game radio stations (he's the one that sounds like Kermit).

Lazlow has an occasionally smart and funny news page on his site; so occasionally smart and funny in fact, that I thought it should have an RSS feed and, in the absence of an official one, I rolled my own.

If you want to subscribe and stay up-to-date with Lazlow's news click here : The Lazlow News Feed

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