Come in Notepad++, your time is up

I hadn't even got as far as syncing my configuration and Notepad++ handed me a usability deal breaker.

When you're editing source code you don't spend a lot of time at the end of the file but when you're writing a generic text document that is where most of your additions go. If your text editor, like Notepadd++, won't let you scroll past the end of file, your edits are going to be cramped right down at the bottom of the window.

Time for PsPad to take the stand again. Back to built-in FTP, hex editing and the quick HTML preview. This editor served me well before but I was frustrated by the FTP client which would hang the application regularly at work and by the fact that I never seemed able to find the configuration files to copy them home. On this second point, though, there might be good news as it seems there is a portable option.


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