KatieJane Garside: 39 butterflies - darling, they've found the body

Blogging is almost without exception a narcissistic pastime and we are accustomed, perhaps even immune, now, to cries of "look at me" on this most public of media. This makes it especially jarring when you read something as heart-breakingly personal as Katie-Jane Garside's latest post.

I came across Katie-Jane while channel surfing one night a few months ago. Rockworld.tv were showing a Queen Adreena gig and I was captivated.

Perhaps the intensity of that first experience is the cause of the voyeuristic guilt that I now feel reading her latest entry. Or maybe it is the mercenary little devil on my shoulder rubbing its hands at the possibility that she is close to releasing Ruby Throat.

Or perhaps it is just the genius of her poetry.


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