They (auto)replied

It goes like this:
Thank you for your interest in Google Suggest. We are currently focusing
all of our energy on developing this feature and other Google Labs
prototypes. Due to this fact, we are unable to provide personal responses
to the email we receive. However, we are monitoring all of your feedback
and suggestions and will keep them in mind as we work to improve the
Google Glossary.

To further assist our users, we have created a discussion forum on Google
Groups where you can exchange information with other Google Suggest users.
You can access the news group at:
We encourage you to post your email to this forum and join other Google
Suggest users in sharing your thoughts and expertise.
Thanks again for your feedback and for using Google Suggest.

The Google Team
It looks like I'm writing an ac.js replacement then. The Ajax side looks easy as there's a nice simple URL call and clean XML response. The hardest bit will be to get the dropdown list to play nice with the rest of the page and various browsers.


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