Normal Service Resumed

iSuggest is working again!

The solution was pretty simple in the end. The ajax response that was being evaluated was trying to call but the window object did not have a google property. The javascript, however, did have a sendRPCDone() function so it was just a case of creating a couple of dummy objects, google and ac, and adding sendRPCDone() as a method of the ac object.

First class functions and object orientation to the rescue again. Javascript really is the world's most misunderstood language.

If you need a version of ac.js that works, you can use this one. Download it or SRC it direct. We'll start using Google's version again when they fix it, yeah?

EDIT: If you have iSuggest on your homepage and it is not working, it is probably cached. Just remove iSuggest from your page and add it again to force the latest version.


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